Milwaukee Mayhem 3 Day Sale

How It Works

Step 1: Purchase your Milwaukee products to redeem a voucher proportionate to the amount you spent.

More Info: See below table of 'Spend & Get offers' to see how much you can redeem in Bonus Milwaukee gear.

Step 2: Your Voucher code will be sent to your email account.

More Info: All vouchers will be sent out within 24 hours of purchase. Once you receive your voucher you will have til 23rd May to redeem before it expires. Voucher can only be redeemed on Milwaukee products and online only. 

Step 3: Receive a discount on your next Milwaukee purchase by redeeming your unique voucher code at the checkout.

More Info: You must use the full amount of the voucher in your next purchase as vouchers cannot be split up through multiple purchases. The voucher code is unique and can only be redeemed once. Please note that you will have to redeem full amount within 1 transacion, any residual amount will be cancelled as soon as the coupon code is redeemed. Non Milwaukee products can be included in the same transaction but coupon code will only be applied on Milwaukee products.